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dark and mysterious

October 2007



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Phucking Phone...

So mid-call, my phone shuts off...

...now it won't turn on again.

Not sure how to solve this problem...new battery? New phone?

If I don't answer your calls or text messages...you know why.


Well I used to be a tech at Sprint.
I will give the top reasons why a phone stops working and shuts off. It may be none of these but maybe it will remind you of something.
It can have a battery that is useless and a new one may be something that they can just give you at the store (but they may make you pay for one - depends on the store and the employee).
Usually it's caused by the phone being dirty. If you don't wipe down your phone once every couple of days or if you drop it in dirt a lot, it probably has dirt under the battery contacts. Take the battery off and clean it. When you clean your phone don't use anything too wet. Just use an almost dry paper towel or almost dry cloth.
It could be that you got water in it and didn't realize it. If you have ever walked in the rain with the phone in your pocket, you could have destroyed the phone. And usually cell phone companies will not replace it if it has ever gotten wet. I have seen one drop of water in the wrong part of the phone destroy a phone so it is not fixable.
The last few times you plugged it in to charge it, did it actually charge? Most people don't notice either way so it may be as simple as putting the charger in a different outlet or using a different charger. Try one of your friends charger that fits your phone.
Ask if you have more questions. I did this as a job for many years. Hope this helped.
Well I threw the phone...last week. All that happened was the battery came off...so I put it back on...

I'm hoping it's the battery, cuz I can afford a new one of those...a new phone is a different story...