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dark and mysterious

October 2007



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dark and mysterious

For Sale

R2D2 Phone (really nice...beeps and lights up when the phone rings) $50.00 SOLD

Star Trek The Magazine (Thick informative magazines...were 10 dollars a pop when sold...most issues sold out now I have at least 20 of them.) $100.00 or best offer

Star Trek Movies on VHS. A box set with the motion picture up to generations, plus the 2 movies after those. $30.00

Various Star Trek Books (ds9 and next gen tech manuals, star trek compendium, etc) $10.00 a piece

Misc Action Figures (star wars, misc other little stuff) $1.00 a piece. Almost all toys are loose and out of packages.

Prices are negotiable.

Also have misc movies on vhs and dvd im getting rid of too.

Also willing to trade anything here for a digital camera (to take with me) I have a dvd player, tv, microwave...


are the first action figures you listen (the freddy, micheal myers, etc) from Tod McFarlane?
if so, i'd be super interested in norman bates, pinhead,leatherface, and jason.
if they're not McFarlane, i'd still like to check them out.
They are McFarlane
i TOTALLY claim the ones i listed.
Ok...I will take them off the list. Looks like kelly is in cometition with ya... ;)
where you stay at?
me and mark are driving around today, and can stop by. I got cash, yo.
Well I'm at a friends house today. Oh...keep in mind these are out of the package...
out of the package is fine. When would be the earliest time/day i could stop by for 'em.
Maybe like friday or something? I'll have time to go home and sort everything...
friday works...iffins you want i believe this weekend will be a drinking one at casa de Mark/Nate. You could swing by, get money...and get drizzunk with us!
I'm interested in the horror figs... Of course... All of them. :)
ok...you want whats left?
I was unaware that anyone had even gotten to them yet. Anything worthy left?
Freddy, chatterer cenobite, I also have a friday the 13th playset that has jason, jasons mother, and the dead mother head shrine...but that has to be a bit more...it was a gift and it's more figures.
Yeah, I'll take Freddy & Chatterer... I was really looking forward to Myers, Pinhead and Voorhees. :( What all is included inthe playset? And what dvds do you have? I guess I'm also interested in the star wars stuff depending on what it is.
Just have a bunch of different movies...will probably bring a few of them with me (I'm holding onto my portable dvd player to take with me)

When I go home later, I'll try to catalogue everything...and the myers is available
I'm interested in those three then. I'll look at your movie thingie when you post it. :) If you haven't already that is.
Also have michael myers too
Also willing to trade anything here for a digital camera (to take with me)

C and I discussed...as far as we're concerned you can take the Polaroid with ya. I mean, I know you probably would like something newer, but in a pinch...

But we do need the vacume back.
Oh yes yes...not a prob...will get with you on that.
im interested in the r2d2 phone....would you take installments? i dont have 50 now but could pay 25 one week and 25 the next.
Yeah, I could do that. When do you wanna do that?
give me a list of the dvd's (non-porn) left or not spoken for. just curious and may steal a few from ya.
ok...will get you a list this weekend :)

In town!

Anything going on tonight?